Shopping Center Forum 2017 CEE Edition

450 retail chains, 300 projects, 

1500 participants

27-28.09.2017 | Expo XXI | Warsaw | Poland

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The autumn edition of Shopping Center Forum 2017 is the largest convention for people who shape the shopping center market in the CEE region.

SCF 2017 CEE Edition is a fair, networking opportunity and conference devoted to the key challenges facing the market. The main issues addressed by the Forum this year are: the marketing of shopping centers, project management and, above all, analysis of market growth in the CEE region.

The main subject of the talks will of course be the commercialization of retail properties. But the Forum is also a place where you can meet vendors of the latest technologies and services for shopping centers and retail chains.

Exhibition, networking and conference

  • omnichannel – necessity or passing trend: conclusions of the “Future of Shopping” study
  • effective implementation of sales and post-sales processes
  • automation of warehouse processes

Presentation: Witold Podgórski, Product Manager, Comarch

Club Mirage

1 Defilad Sq, 00-901, Warsaw

Star of the evening: Margaret

Welcome Mixer (all forum participants are invited)

1.30 pm

26 September 2017

  • purchasing power: USD 44 billion in the hands of teenagers
  • new buying habits, or how to beat the smartphone
  • how to attract the “100% omnichannel” generation to shopping centers
  • new communication channels with generation Z

Panel discussion with CBRE experts and representatives of retail chains management boards

19.00 pm - 23.00 pm

08.00 am

  • człowiek na zakupach, czyli jak w procesie zakupowym Homo Sapiens zmienia się w Emo Sapiens a gorące emocje zastępują chłodne kalkulacje
  • badania neuronaukowe umożliwiają dotarcie do prawdziwych doświadczeń emocjonalnych, a nie tylko zracjonalizowanych deklaracji kupujących
  • przełomowa technologia IMPLICIT pozwala odkryć prawdziwe emocje, stojące za decyzją kupującego
  • case studies, obrazujące działanie neuronauki w praktyce w kontekście branży retail

27 September 2017

Forum program

08.00 am

Panel discussion with:

  • a high representative of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy
  • Joanna Krupska, President of the Executive Board, Związek Dużych Rodzin (Union of Large Families)
  • a representative of Martes Sport
  • Małgorzata Słowik, Leasing Director, Multi Poland
  • a representative of Gemini Holding

Registration of participants

7.00 pm – 1.00 am  

10.10 am

11.00 am

Official opening of the Shopping Center Forum 2017 CEE Edition

11.45 am

Wojciech Wojnowski, Editor in Chief,, Shopping Center Poland Magazine

10.10 am

 Milestones 2016/2017: overwiev of the shopping centers market in Poland

Radosław Rybiński, Managing Director,

The shopping centers market in the social space

Case studies: Karta Dużej Rodziny (Large Family Card) and Siemacha Spot programs

10.30 am

  How global is the retail space market in the Central and Eastern European region ?    – conditions for the expansion of retail chains

Moderator: Radosław Rybiński, Managing Director,

  • the Central European shopping centers market following the global recession
  • predominant directions of expansion for retail chains in the CEE region
  • the market and legal conditions facing entry of new brands
  • prospects for expansion of Polish retail chains

 After Party (for VIP participants)

Panel discussion with:

  • Luiza Moraru, Head of Retail, Romania, CBRE
  • Lukas Schwarz, Head of Shopping Center Services, Austria, CBRE
  • Katarina Brydone, Head of Retail, Czech Republic, CBRE
  • Peter Pohanka, Associate Director – Head of Retail Leasing, Slovakia, CBRE

Moderator: Magdalena Frątczak, Head of Retail, CBRE Poland

28 September 2017

Presentation: Agata Czarnecka,  Associate Director,  CBRE 

Registration of participants

 Generation Z is coming – time for a global redefinition of shopping centers

12.00 pm

 The entertainment complex in the shopping centers of the future. How the best are doing it  – leading examples

  Emotions when shopping. New neuro tools contained within smartphones

Presentation: Prof. Rafał Ohme, Neurohm

  • role of the entertainment offering in a shopping center’s market strategy
  • how space and the entertainment offering should be planned in a shopping center
  • examples of the best solutions both in Poland and globally

  How to launch omnichannel and optimize warehouse processes in retail.

  Case studies: Greenpoint, Bureau Vallee, Natura Brasil

Panel discussion with:

  • Tomasz Jagiełło, Managing Director, Helios SA
  • Gaston Gaitan, Leisure Consultant, theleisureway

12.30 pm

Moderator: Marta Machus-Burek, Director, Retail Advisory Services, Retail Agency, Colliers International Poland

12.45 pm

Asset Management in an era of growing competition: strategic and operational challenges on the shopping centers market

  • what to change in order to be a continuously attractive place for tenants and shoppers
  • how best to prepare for the onset of competition
  • what an owner can count on when entrusting a project to an external company

Moderator: Grzegorz Mroczek, Vice-President, CREAM



This year’s fall edition of the Forum will be attended by ca. 1500 delegates. Representatives of management boards of sales chains operating in the Polish and European market will be the most numerous group. Shopping center owners and managers will also be present. The Forum is a place where they can meet state-of-the-art technology and “know how” providers for retail.

450 retail chains at the Forum


development directors

of sales chains

management board members

of sales chains


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For 11 years now, Shopping Center Forum 2017 has been organized by, a leader in business communication for the RETAIL market in Poland. Our media reach the management boards of the largest retail space tenants, online stores and shopping centers in Poland.

We support the shopping centers commercialization process. We develop communication channels for shopping centers and their tenants. Evigo is also the publisher of websites such as and and journal Shopping Center Poland 

We support companies which offer:

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Among more than 5,000 business partners of are: LPP Group, CCC, Inditex Group, H&M, Carrefour, Auchan, Piotr i Paweł, Empik, ECE, Mayland, TK Development, IKEA Center Group, Immofinanz and Atrium, as well as 400 other operators active in the modern retail sales market.



Prądzyńskiego Street 12/14 | 01-222 Warsaw

EXPO XXI Warsaw is a modern place on the map of Warsaw, prepared to professionally serve all kinds of special events. The core of EXPO XXI Warszawa was opened in September 2001. Hall no. 4 was added to the complex in 2009. 

Venue for SCF 2017 Fall

Currently, the EXPO XXI Centre offers guests over 20,000 m² of specialist space, including 13,500 m² in four halls, 1,500 m² in ten conference and meeting rooms, and 5,000 m² of outdoor exhibition grounds with a parking lot that holds 1,500 cars. The Centre is fully adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

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