shopping center forum

The fall meeting of the shopping center market

The largest commercial real estate trade fair in the CEE

The last year’s, fall run of Forum attracted over 1800 participants, including about 500 representatives of shopping centre boards and other shopping centre tenants.  The list of exhibitors and subject-matter partners included over 80 companies. This will also be the case this year. Traditionally, the Shopping Center Forum 2019 CEE Exhibition & Conference is planned to be the largest meeting of the shopping center market in the CEE region.

Forum Plan SCF 2019 CEE

The sales of booths for SCF 2019 CEE is currently in progress. If you are interested in a booth, please contact us at:


Apart from its commercial and business function, the Shopping Center Forum is also a space to exchange professional experience and build knowledge concerning the newest trends in the retail sector. For two days, the large multimedia stage will be handed over to the subject-matter partners, who will present the latest trends, reports and market analyses. High-quality content will be presented by such experts as: Colliers, TREI, Apsys, Savills,  Metro Properties, Plus Energia, UPS, MK Illumination

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Video from SCF 2018 CEE

Two days of trade fairs and conferences. Over 1800 participants and 80 exhibitors and partners. Additionally: Welcome Mixer and After Party in the previous edition were attended by over 800 people. We encourage you to watch a two-minute summary of the fall edition of the trade fair.

The Expo XXI Center

EXPO XXI is the most modern fair and conference center in Warsaw, prepared for professional service of all kinds of special events. A popular and well-liked facility located at ul. Prądzyńskiego12/14, hosts over 200 different types of events a year, including cyclical ones, such as exhibitions, conferences, closed events, fashion shows, seminars, banquets, fairs, cultural and sporting events and concerts. EXPO XXI Warsaw is visited by several thousand people each year.

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01-222 Warszawa, the organizer of SCF Exhibition & Awards 2019 and SCF CEE Edition 2019 (25–26 September 2019, EXPO XXI) is a leader in B2B communication for the retail market in the CEE region. The company is the publisher of the portal. Its newsletter reaches daily over 7000 recipients, including individuals managing over 700 retail networks, while the monthly Shopping Center Forum Magazine has over 4000 readers.

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