Forum Agenda

SEPTEMBER 24th 2019


Welcome Mixer sponsored by BOIG.

Izumi Sushi Restaurant, Biały Kamień 4, 02-593 Warsaw

Welcome Mixer for all Forum participants

The event is hosted by BOIG

SEPTEMBER 25th 2019


Official start of the Forum


Special guest SCF 2019 CEE, Pepjin Morshuis, Trei CEO

Retail 2030 – market development horizons


Common experiences in Europe – comparative analysis: The shopping mall market from Polish, German, and Italian perspective.

  • The trade sector is facing common challenges in many countries of our continent. 
  • How to build the value of real estate in the world of modern trade so that it attracts customers and constitutes an attractive product on the investment market? 

Wioleta WojtczakHead of Research, Savills Poland

Debate on investment market perspectives

  • Marek Paczuski, Deputy Head of Investment, Savills Poland
  • Jörg Krechky, Chairman European Retail Investment Board, Savills Germany

The market from the perspective of owners and managers

  • Marta Mikołajczyk-Pyrć, Head of Retail Property Management, Savills Poland
  • Christian Recalcati, Managing Director, Savills Italy


Future tenant – how to navigate the maze of new technologies?

  • Will retailers become IT companies?
  • Leading trends in technologies used in retail
  • Life after omnichannel?


To the mall, to the park, or to the Internet? Where is the consumer heading and what for?

  • What is the absorption of the retail space market? 
  • What will the market look like in 5/10 years?
  • Will trade relocate to smaller towns? 
  • Will e-commerce become a threat to traditional commercial formats? 
  • How is the market responding to the challenge of increasing online trade?

A panel discussion featuring:

Panel dyskusyjny z udziałem:

Jacek Wesołowski,
Managing director, Trei Real Estate Poland
Pepijn Morshuis, CEO Trei Real Estate
Tomasz Szewczyk, Managing Partner, Acteeum Central Europe
Tomasz Jagiełło, CEO, Helios S.A
Jacek Kotarbiński, Expert in consumer behavior,



From client to partner – the electricity market in Poland

  • Electricity for business – past and present
  • From an oligopoly to market liberalisation
  • What is most important to building owners when it comes to energy?
  • From cost invoices to purchase invoices – models of cooperation
  • From inevitable cost increase to optimisation
  • From purchasing energy to producing energy – solar panels

Danuta Tyrowicz, Key Account Manager, Plus Energia

A panel discussion featuring:   

                                                                                                                                                                                             Leszek Juchniewicz, Pierwszy Prezes Urzędu Regulacji Energetyki, OSDNEE                                                     Rafał Urzędowski, Project Manager,, KRD Global Group                                                                                          Artur Lis Head of Asset Management, White Star Real Estate                                                                                  Jerzy Wojciech Tyburski CEO, Polish Photovoltaic Corporation Inc.                                                                      Michał Motylewski, Counsel  Dentons Europe Dąbrowski i Wspólnicy sp. k.                                                      Grzegorz Pizoń, Counsel, SSW Pragmatic Solutions                                                                                              Marcin Wnuszyński, Operations Director, Plus Energia


How to introduce a truly festive mood to a shopping mall, or illumination as a way of creating a sales-friendly atmosphere and building the mall’s image

  • New trends in holiday illuminations
  • Using innovative technical solutions
  • case studies: Galeria Kaskada, ECE Projektmanagement



Klaus Mark, CEO and Founder, MK Illumination



Consumer expectations and logistics costs optimisation

  • What do online customers expect?
  •  How to effectively meet customer expectations regarding delivery and return logistics?
  • Exports – development strategy  


Karolina Szenk, Retail Manager, UPS Europe


Conditions for the development of food courts in shopping malls, mix-use centres, and shopping streets – perspective of foodservice operators

A panel discussion featuring restaurant chains’ management board representatives


Marta Machus-Burek, Partner, Retail Agency | Retail Advisory Services, Colliers International

A panel discussion featuring:

Anna Krajewska, CEO, Salad Story

John Gabrovic, Founder, Managing Partner, Food Festival

Jan Kulisiewicz, Member of the Board, Food for Nation, Pasibus
Piotr Niemiec, CEO, Olimp Restauracje



Managers of shopping malls and other commercial real estate in the face of new trends in the F&B space

A panel discussion featuring shopping malls’ managers and owners


Marta Mikołajczyk-Pyrć, Head of Retail Property Management, Savills

A panel discussion featuring:

Hadley Dean, Chief Executive Officer, EPP

Ada Walentek, Operations Leader, Ceetrus Polska

Paul Cawood, Group Director, Sierra Balmain


After Party. Sponsored by Helios.

Space Club, Kolejowa 37/39, 01-210 Warsaw

For attendees with VIP cards.

The event is hosted by Helios

SEPTEMBER 26th 2019


Modern tenant relations. Better2gether?

Case study

  • Tenant mix as a key to success
  • Current challenges based on Wielkopolska region
  • All about footfall?
  • Better2gether how it works



Marek Ćwiek, Director of Posnania                                                                                                                                  Maciej Wróblewski,  Vice-President, Apsys Polska 


The experience economy – experience thinking in managing commercial real estate

  • Changing customer expectations and shopping habits

  • New technologies

  • Innovation and personalised experiences as a competitive advantage in building customer loyalty


Jakub Jarczewski, Dyrektor Działu PR i Rozwoju Biznesu, Metro Properties

A panel discussion featuring:

Agnieszka Mróz, Service Designer, Service Sandbox

Rafał Kołodziej, Founder, Greenhat Service & Strategy Design, lecturer SWPS

Jakub Cendrowski, Creative Director, Me and My Friends

Marcin Łunkiewicz, Founder,

Andrzej Kuśmierz, Accelerator od Technology Companies



Vision, project, implementation: new food court concepts – the perspective of architectural firms

A panel discussion featuring shopping mall food courts’ designers and contractors.


Agnieszka Zygmunt, Partner, Funkciona

A panel discussion featuring:

Paul Ayre, Director, VSF-Cretative
Radosław Sojka, co-owner, MSA
Robert Pełka, President of the Board, Marro